Manage your contacts

Easy management makes organising your contacts easy. You can now manipulate your contacts and groups according to your needs, ensure they are up to date, and make sure that the contacts who have opted out are truly opted out. You can add contacts one by one, or you can upload them in large groups using an Excel spreadsheet or csv file.

Bulk SMS - Easy SMS Management
Bulk SMS - More Contact Information
More contact information

You can also store up to twenty items of information for each contact, so you’re not limited to name, phone number and email address. Think about the information that would be most valuable to you and your contacts, then let manage it for you.

Convenient for all

Your contacts can opt out easily by texting STOP in reply to your message. If you have more than one contact attached to a phone number, for example, a school using text messaging for three children through one number, you can choose to send only one text message so that you don’t use credit sending unnecessary messages, and parents receive one message, not three!

Bulk SMS - Convenient for all
Bulk SMS - ParishText free trial
  • Free Trial

    We give you 100 free credits. Simply fill in your account details, tell us how you intend to use the service, and submit your request. We will reply within 24 hours with the information you need to login and send texts. So get typing!
  • What our Customers Say!

    We do a lot of fund raising and letting people know about events is our lifeblood. Sending SMS messages is cheap, easy and effective. It's worth a lot more than it costs.

    Ollie O’Loughlin
    Missionvale Ireland (Charity)